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Nicole Jacobson, CMP

Nicole Jacobson, CMP

At first I thought I’d be a marine biologist. Oops. Not very good at science. Scratch that. Hey, I like thunderstorms, I thought. The louder the better. But I love to sleep when there’s thunder and lightning. So much for meteorology.

But through that curious Washington way – George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs, Capitol Hill intern, Senate campaign – I ended up where I am today. That would be planning, managing and executing events as well as helping organizations gain efficiencies. It’s a lot like campaign work, only with slightly less brutal hours and slightly better pay.

My professional career has been a series of bigger, more responsible jobs in the field of meeting and event planning, and extensive consulting in the area of process improvement.

Training in LEAN, Six Sigma, DMAIC in service environments, process improvement methodology identification, and experience in leading process improvement initiative teams.

Focused, detail oriented, a leader, a planner. Marine biology’s loss. Your organization’s gain.

3Jake Consulting is based on the most meaningful values I know – those of my beloved family. Hard work. Courage. Fun. I bring those qualities to every project, every client, every time.


Let’s start with the obvious. The name. 3Jake Consulting. I know what you’re saying. There’s gotta be a story there, right? So here it is.

My grandfather, Victor “Jake” Jacobson, worked on the railroad. The proverbial tough man for a tough job. Never missed a day of work. A “work ethic” second to none. Jake One. Stephen “Jake” Jacobson was my father. Attorney. Self-made. Courageous. Never afraid to fail. Or to succeed. An outlook on life summed up in two words: Can do. Jake Two. My nephew is Jacob “Jake” Miller. The typical eleven-year-old. Part angel. Part rascal. Embodies an important family trait: Fun. Jake Three.

I named my company in honor of these three wonderful guys named Jake because their lives represent the qualities I value in my business and myself. I thought you might value them, too. The courage to take on anything. The work ethic to see it through. And the perspective to keep it fun.

I’d never do a job in a way that would let down those three Jakes. Especially your job.

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