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You’ve done a jigsaw puzzle, right? I thought so. And what did you do with the box lid? I’m just guessing here, but you probably kept it close by because it showed what the finished picture looks like. Let’s see, this yellow piece must be part of the flower in the lower right corner. That kind of thing.

That’s how I think about your meeting. A lot of pieces that have to fit together to create a big, successful picture. But all you have to do is describe the picture and I take care of the pieces. Create them. Put them together. Make sure the picture is exactly what you envisioned.

That leaves you free to be the charming, affable host, with all the time in the world for your members or your board. Nothing puzzling about that!

I like to include pieces that not only make a meeting better, but also make it greener. Like choosing a venue that recycles or helping a client develop sustainable menus or going paperless in terms of marketing, registration and materials.

I also offer another service that’s a little different, but very similar. I’ll help you improve your business processes. Need a visual? Think map, not puzzle. Where do things move smoothly? Where are the bottlenecks? How can we fix the bottlenecks or re-route around them to make things run more efficiently?

But like event planning, process improvement has a similar goal: Take the devil out of the details. Let you worry about where you want to go. Not how you\’re going to get there.

Putting the Pieces Together | 3 Jake Consulting
      • Site Selection and Contract Negotiation
      • Budgeting
      • Supplier RFP\’s and Contract Negotiation
      • Food & Beverage Management
      • Identification of targeted marketing opportunities to increase attendance and/or sponsorship opportunities
      • Pre-planning work including development of comprehensive specifications
      • On-site services including vendor partner management
      • Post-Convention services including invoice reconciliation, post-convention reporting and recommendations for future meetings
Bulls Eye | Process Improvement
    • Identification of PI opportunities
    • Creation of PI teams within organizations
    • Leading PI teams of staff, board and other key stakeholders in brainstorming and process mapping
    • Creation of detailed step-by-step process maps with recommendations for increased efficiency
    • Consultation on implementation of solutions within the organization
Project Management | 3 Jake Consulting
  • Development of project plans, identification of goals and objectives (scope)
  • Identification of tasks, resources, budgets and timelines
  • Team building and facilitation
  • Implementation of project plan with controls
  • Evaluation and support/maintenance of project

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